Helium Cylinder

About Us

Airloons is a multinational brand, owned by AND Enterprise LLC, UAE, created with the sole purpose of providing customers with environmentally safe DIY balloon kits for all kinds of special occasions and celebrations. AND Enterprise has entered into a joint venture with Helious Specialty Gases Pvt Ltd, the leading helium gas manufacturer in India. Helious is well established as an innovative supplier of helium gas, and has recently partnered with major Japanese gas company, Iwatani Corporation, to become the first specialty gas company to have three helium transfill facilities in India. Airloons balloon kits are assembled in the UAE, ensuring geographical accessibility to the rest of the world. In spite of the ongoing global helium gas shortage crisis, Airloons, backed by Helious, is committed to providing its customers with Dot 39 certified cylinders filled with grade 1 helium gas so that they can continue celebrating their most precious moments with color and joy.

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